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I love great stories. I’m fascinated when life seems stranger than fiction.

All the stories I intend to relate to you in this blog are true. To the best of my effort, the details are accurate. They have been shared with me from police officers, sheriffs, 9-1-1 dispatchers, state troopers, fire and EMS responders.

As a precaution, I will not share names or places.

I hope to bring an occasional smile to those in the field, dealing with life that is at times, a hair less than perfect.


An officer pulls over a driver, then asks for his license, insurance and registration. The officer then heads back to his car. While he runs the plates, he notices the license holder requires glasses.

 As the officer walks up to the driver, he observes the driver is not wearing glasses.

 “Here’s your paperwork,” says the officer. “The license says that you should be wearing glasses.”

The driver responds, “I have contacts.”

 The Officer tightens his brow and leans closer to the driver, talking with a near whisper and pointed finger, “Look buddy! I don’t care who you know!”

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Lesson 1: OK, we all know it’s the driver’s fault. Glasses are not contacts, contacts are not glasses. There’s no substitute for the real thing.

Lesson 2: While the driver may have meant his vision is aided by wearing contacts, the officer assumed the driver meant he didn’t need glasses because he knew the right people. Assumptions can make you look like a … donkey.

Lesson 3: They still tease this poor officer. Be gentle; stupid is easy for all of us.


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