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Our goals and a little history …

Fluid Church™ is about us, changed. We are becoming writers, speakers, teachers and life coaches.

Ultimately, our first goal is to provide the most effective discipleship curriculum in the world. We want to see healed people become intentional people who are so known for their love that it becomes contagious, bringing a great number of people to both repentance and faith.

Our second goal is to train other life coaches who specialize in discipleship.

As we move along, we hope some of the fruit of our labor will be a reintroduction of some courses and seminars that Ron Miller’s father (Dr. Ronald E. Miller) developed and taught.

We want to see healed people become intentional people

Our roots go back to Hyde Park, VT where Dr. Ron Miller founded and operated Freedom Ministries. Dr. Miller was an evangelist and biblical counselor. He wanted a counseling and retreat center, targeted especially for those who were working in full-time ministry.

After Dr. Miller passed away from cancer in 1994, the ministry moved to Colorado Springs, CO, under the direction of his wife, Ardyce Miller. After moving, the name was changed to Freedom Ministries International. In 2003, the ministry was closed. In 2004 his son, Ron Miller (Jr.) bought all the copyrighted material his father had produced over the years.

This included hundreds of audio recordings and seminars such as:

• Healing of a Wounded Spirit
• Loving as Jesus Loved
• The Scriptural Counseling Seminar
• The Emulations Syndrome
• Prepare for War
• God’s Design for the Christian Family
• Principles of Transformation
• Sanctified Through and Through
• Counseling the Abused
• Principles of Forgiveness, etc.

By God’s grace, Ron (Jr.) and his wife (Mel Miller) hope to reintroduce some of the content that they find so powerful.

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